Thursday, August 1, 2013

Get ready, get ready, get ready! Pintrest and blog-hunting for back-to-school 2013

I admit it, I was unsuccessful in keeping up this blog over my return-to-the-classroom year.
I’m willing to give this another try. Bear with me.
Every once in a while I’ll refer to my tumblr account too for quick burst of inspiration and insight into my life (because there is more to a teacher than teaching :) ).

So this is August 1st, now August 2nd and I’ve made up my mind that it is now OK to start critically thinking about returning to school for the 2013-2014 school year. Yay!!!

So as I was perusing YouTube and Pintrest for inspiration (for everything from washing and staying the senegalese twists I have in my hair to how I might better organize Math Centers) I came across this awesome page:

So she is Caucausian and has adopted a beautiful African American girl (yes, I was totally PC in that sentence). Her page is awesome though! And so is her YouTube channel! Well, in a recent post (follow the link above) she shares about how her daughter is discovering the joys of friendship. This kind of thinking helps me prepare for the social aspects of returning to school. Anyway, this is what I had to say:
There is something special when you watch a child form a friendship and discover the ups and downs of it. While I don’t have children of my own (yet) I do get to see this happen for 20 and this Fall 22 Kindergarteners over the course of 10 months. And to see them wrestle with what happens when you don’t get your way in a relationship is both fretful and hopeful at the same time. Whether with guidance or through trial-and-error the grow to better navigate the bumps in the road and along the way learn something new about themselves. All in all, it is an adventure in totality and wondrous to see the growth and the development come June.
What do you think? Leave your comments below and visit the page for a chance to enter a sweepstakes for the Winnie the Pooh DVD and a $50 Gift Card like I did.* Good luck!

*I received a sweepstakes entry as a result of my comments here.

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