Monday, August 12, 2013


…are the bane of my existence come January.
erasers gone
griping during table work over the ones that remain
constant stream of scholars to get a new pencil
(and new means one with a sharper point)

And then I saw the light…

Here’s an excerpt of an AWESOME post by Jodi from Clutter-free Classroom about how she manages pencils in her classroom:
number my students and write their number at the top of their pencil in Sharpie. It usually stays on, but sometimes may smudge off. If you are really feeling Type-A you can also give it a quick brush of Modge Podge or clear nail polish right over the number. I have never gone that far. Shocking, I know.
I probably won’t do this right at the start of the year, Maybe October or November depending on how we are doing keep out pencils lasting. It may seem anal but I am sure that this is the answer to my prayers! There is more so clink on the blog title above or the link here: to read more. Happy organizing!

P.S. - Two weeks and I am back. I’ll post again this weekend to share my back to school haul and where it is from. Meanwhile, please follow me on Pintrest…I am a pinning madwoman as of late. Thanks!

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