Tuesday, August 26, 2014

A Pep Talk for Teachers (and Students) by Kid President

So it's been over a week and I'm happy to say that though I could have come in to my classroom, I chose not to over two days last week. :Pats self on back:

But since yesterday we have been back for Inservice its been an interval of sprints.

As I looked up some information about our new materials, someone shared one video (which I don't have permission to share, but just look up "Here We Go (Let's It Go Parody)" on Youtube) and that led me to this video from Kid President. Now If you don't know who Kid President or Soul Pancake is, please set aside like 20 minutes for some viewing that will literally bless you like a pancake for your soul (granted you enjoy pancakes as much as I do).

This awesome kid has recorded quite a few videos. Subscribe to Soul Pancake and enjoy!

And as always, thanks for peeking in!

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