Monday, August 18, 2014

Teacher Week 2014: Catching up...

Wouldn’t you know I have a Monday Made-It post all drafted and waiting for pictures to be posted? Oh well, there’s always next Monday, God willing.

So I was making rapid-fire progress through my backlog of unread blog post by the wonderful teacher bloggers I follow and I spied on my IG feed that there was a link-up happening this week: Teacher Week 2014!!!

So Who am I exactly? Well, you could click on the tab that says “Who Am I?” So I think I’ll go with the flow and give 10 somewhat-known facts about me:

  1. I absolutely LOVE the color BLUE! And no, my profound appreciation for the color in unrelated to the fact that my Sorority’s colors are blue and white (though that only helped when I was considering organizations, it was not a determining factor). Rather, I suspect that my being repeatedly told that blue looks very good on me whenever I dressed for volleyball/softball games in High School is more likely to have been the hook for me. I also really like blush pink and purple and the blue/kelly green combo is a really good look for me so I wear it often ;)
    Yes, I am wearing Sorority colors and a Sorority pin…it was Founders’ day.
  2. I am a messy perfectionist. I live in perpetual mess but I tend towards knowing where everything is. I am trying to change, really. I think I need professional help.
  3. I am afraid of heights. Need I say more? That did not, however, stop me from climbing a ladder and taking down the things that hung in the heights of my classroom. Now I need said ladder to hang my new alphabet cards, among others.The things we do, right?
  4. I have three siblings, two brothers and a sister. I was the middle child for a good minute until my little brother came along. We call him bighead. I love them all (but don’t tell them I told you that.
    Out to celebrate Liz (my sister’s birthday) a few years back.
  5. I can be a snob when it comes to certain things. Like books, and water. I do NOT appreciate books that have not been cared for, considering I am a bibliophile and am, even as I type, surrounded by books. Don’t imagine stacks, people, I live in a studio so I can’t get crazy. Oh, and I only drink Poland Spring, SmartWater, Fiji Water, or, should there be no alternative, Nestle water (yes, I know that they also make Poland Spring). I don’t have a problem drinking tap when I go out, but if these brands are available, I prefer them, Aquafina has changed something in their processing and when I was desperate I had some that tasted significantly better than it did during my college years, but um, yeah no.
  6. Ores and Haagen Dazs. Guilty pleasure. They are both awful for me though. Insert sad face.
  7. I really, really, really enjoy football. GO GIANTS!!! Cowboys fans, I warn you, don’t come for me unless I call for you ;)
  8. I once made a great friend while playing club volleyball the summer before my senior year in High School. I even learned a little Hawaiian: “pa’ani meka pu uvai” (sp?) means play with heart and strength.
  9. I’m a dual citizen. Have passports, will travel.  And I’ve done a little bit of it too. Israel was breathtaking but troubling,
    The view from a boat as we crossed the Sea of Galilee. We did NOT sing the old hymn “There’s A Storm Out Over the Ocean” but we did sing a few others.

    South Africa has my heart, and Nigeria is both where my family is from and where my dad is buried. I miss him terribly some days. On a lighter note, I am way overdue for a return trip to Anguilla.
  10. I don’t have a whole lot of friends, but the ones I do have a near and dear to my heart. A few of my teacher girlfriends and I had an adventurous vacation to Virginia Beach and Washington D.C. last week and we had a lot of fun. Here’s us trying to get ourselves arrested (but we knew that the facial recognition devices and the UC secret service people knew we were a bunch of school teachers playing around so we were never a a threat (snipers on the roof, stand down):

I look forward to reading and getting to know some of you. But seeing as this was a last minute post and it is 2 am, that will have to wait until maybe Wednesday. Good night!

And as always. thanks for peeking in!

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