Wednesday, July 23, 2014

A twist on the Wednesday Wish list: Getting my teacher life right, and I could use your help

Anyone who knows me, know that I can be very transparent, sometimes overly so, once I get comfortable around you. So in the spirit of extra-transparency now that I am getting into blogging every few days, here’s a modification of the Wednesday Wishlist:

Things about me <<I WISH>> were better
  • Better about managing my space.
I am downright messy. There, I said it. While my classroom stays a lot neater than my apartment, I have been having difficulty getting a handle around the spaces. And it is a little depressing. I fight off the depression by taking it one day at a time. But I am running out of days before the business of the school year gets going, and I don’t have the funds for a professional intervention so…
  • Better take-home income.
I love everything about where I work…I just could stand to make a little more, especially with student loans coming due shortly. So I’m on the hunt for a second job, a side-hustle if you will.
  • Crafting and designing skills were better.
Just the ideas are hard enough to come by. I’m more of a practical person, so you will be hard pressed to find any TpT goodies here…not for lack of trying. But I’d like to. I tired my hand at it two summers ago and was frustrated by layering. I’m looking into tutorials but I haven’t found anything expressly helpful for this. If you know of anything, HELP!!!

For that matter, if you have any guidance for me in any of these three areas, I’d love to hear it! 

And as always, thanks for peeking in!

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